World War Z

World War Z Sequel Planned

World War Z is a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt based on a book that came on a few years ago. The film takes place throughout the entire globe as you see Brad Pitt scan various places such as Jerusalem for the answer to the cure. The zombie based film was by far one of the best zombie based movies to ever be created and thus by a sequel has been put into the works. This means fans of the movie and book can expect more of Brad Pitt running around the world, you must remember that by the end of the first film he only finds the cure. Distributing it will now be his job which will be that much harder as the virus has had time to infect the entire globe.

World War Z

The new movie will take place three years after the events of the original film. Brad Pitt will now be older and we will find him that much more grizzled due to certain major life events occurring in between the two films. The virus has now spread to every corner of the world, those who still live do it in solitude deep beneath the ground. Brad Pitt’s character is the only one who knows off the cure as all other who were informed have died off, as he lives in solitude he is found by a group of weary travelers. Throughout two weeks they find out he knows of the cure and beg him to save the world, this is where the movie will really begin.

Coney island zombies

Coney Island Zombie Attack

Coney Island was plagued by a horrific zombie attack last weekend. New sources confirm that dozens of people began to turn into the living dead, attacking the living and having their same medical conditions occur within them. This of course was in all good fun as for the last five years Coney Island has held a local zombie gathering every summer. Thousands upon thousands of people will dress up as zombies and roam Coney Island looking for some fresh flesh. This turns out to be a lot of fun as you get to take pictures, enjoy activities designed for zombies and enjoy the rides of Coney Island with a little bit of a zombie theme.

Coney island zombies

Over the course of the last five years this zombie gathering at Coney Island has become more popular with each passing year. The first year only two thousand people attended the gathering, the second year ten thousand people attended the gathering and this year forty thousand people attended the gathering. It was the largest group of zombies anyone had ever seen and it was truly a marvel.

There are other places throughout the world that offer these same kinds of gatherings. Located throughout North America there are various establishments that allow for you to run through a maze, you can either be a zombie chasing other people or be someone running away from the zombie. If you are a part of the massive zombie fan base then you should look for one of these establishments today.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 5

There are very few shows within television now that appeal to a mass amount of people. The majority of the shows that we see on television these days are just mash ups of older TV shows that have long made their way off the air. One of the few television shows that currently air on a yearly basis and also provide the viewer with original content is “The Walking Dead” and today it was revealed that the show will be returning for a fifth season. The cast of the walking dead have been filming for one month apparently and the new season is being prepared for its October 31st released date right now.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most beloved television shows ever seen. Characters such as Rick, Carol, Daryl and Dixon has grasped the minds of viewers. The thought of having a zombie apocalypse appeals to a wide variety of different people as it would mean you wouldn’t have to obey the rules. This is why shows such as The Walking Dead and Arrow have been able to do so well over such a short period of time, there is nothing better than not having to follow the rules.

AMC has yet to release a statement regarding as to what the fifth season but just as always we will inform you on any new information released regarding the fifth season. You can expect all of your favorite characters to return and for new ones to appear as well.

AMC Logo

AMC Announces Second Walking Dead Show

AMC is the television channel that owns the property rights to “The Walking Dead”. This means that if any walking dead television show or movie is ever to be released it must be done so through AMC. Today AMC revealed that they are currently developing a second walking dead show for their next season line up. This has excited many fans of the series as AMC noted that the first season would take place during the outbreak of the zombie infection.

AMC Logo

This means that we will be able to see 13 horrific weekly episodes of The Walking Dead during the zombie infection uprising. We have been able to see brief glimpses beforehand such as Shane protecting Rick in the Hospital or the federal government running down the hospitals with their bullets. This will breed a whole new fan base into the show and potentially make the branch that much bigger. AMC didn’t reveal as to when this new weekly episodic walking dead show will be released upon the world. We suspect that it’ll make its ways to viewers one month after the original show is released.

Robert Kirkman, the original creator of The Walking Dead made a short statement regarding the new walking dead show saying, “We are unsure as to where this new show will be taking place. We have narrowed it down to either Las Vegas, New York City or Chicago. This means that either way you will be able to see the outbreak of the virus is a large urban area, I can only hope that it’ll be as amazing as I suspect it’ll be.”

Online Poker And Casino Revenues Down In Nevada

Nevada, one of the few legal online gambling states within the USA released their latest financial report on their land based gambling industry. They noted that casino revenues and online poker revenues had gone down during the month of April.

Casino revenues went down by two million dollars compared to April, 2013. During April, 2013 Nevada was able to bring in $854.3 Million while this year they were only able to bring in $852 Million. Even though this is a slight decrease in revenue it still shows that player activity is slowly dying.

Online Poker has had an extremely rough start in the Silver State, once Nevada was gained approval to operate an online poker market they had a rough start during the first few months. They have yet to break that tradition. Nevada does expect the online poker market to grow substantially over the next month as the 45th World Series of Poker begins in June. The World Series of Poker brings in nearly eighty thousand people per year, poker players from all around the world trying to win the grand prize worth millions of dollars.

The World Series of Poker will also bring new gamblers to the Nevada online poker market. These punters who’ve never experienced online poker will fall in love with the experience gained through these online card games. That in return will allow for Nevada to turn more of a profit for their online poker gambling market.


Quickfire Software being added By Vera&John

QuickFire, an offshoot of Microgaming has now become a part of the Vera&John family. This information came to light after the head of gaming at Vera&John made this announcement. They noted that they signed this deal with Microgaming earlier on this week, allowing for all of the QuickFire slots to be added onto Vera&John.


This deal will allow for Vera&John to add all of the mobile and pc platform casino games that Quickfire has developed over the last year. Vera&John is a United Kingdom based online casino, allowing for UK Punters to experience the Quickfire platform for the first time. Adding Quickfire to Vera&John has allowed the casino to gain a library with more than seven hundred casino games.

Kristel Tonna, Head of Gaming at Vera&John made a statement regarding their choice to add the Quickfire Platform onto their casino saying, “There has been a massive demand from our punters to bring more Microgaming developed casino games onto Vera&John but unfortunately we already have every Microgaming developed casino game loaded onto our casino. This is why we choose Quickfire, they are the subsidiary branch of Microgaming and provide an incredible experience to their loyal fans. We market our casino across the United Kingdom, the European Union, Asia and South America. Our United Kingdom fans have requested more Microgaming titles. This is why the Quickfire platform will first be made available to them.”

You can now play all of the Microgaming casino games and Quickfire casino games by registering an account with Vera&John.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Falls 35%

World of Warcraft, one of the longest lasting PC MMO’s has had a 35% decrease in subscriptions since the Elder Scrolls Online went into beta mode. Activision announced this after the end of April, noting that when the new Elder Scrolls game goes live across all platforms the MMO will drop more than likely by 75% in Subscriptions. Essentially this could mean the fall of one of the most legendary MMO’s in the world.

World of Warcraft

This doesn’t mean the MMO won’t be able to operate for at least another five years as the next expansion pack “Warlords of Draenor” has already sold one million copies without it even be released yet, the pre-orders have gone through the roof and are the largest ever seen for a World of Warcraft Expansion Pack. Even if seventy five percent of players stopped subscribing to World of Warcraft there would be nearly five million people playing and paying for the game on a monthly basis. This is more than enough money for Activision to pay the sever fees and still turn a profit.

The only worry for Activision is that the new Elder Scrolls Online MMO will eventually reach the popularity that World of Warcraft did, thus by making all of their subscribers leave the game at some point in time. Though it should be noted that Blizzard, the developers behind WoW are creating a new MMO right now with top of the line graphics. When this game is released it is said to redefine what MMO gaming should be.

Oculus Rift logo

Oculus Rift Developers Want To Create a 1 Billion Person MMO

The developers behind the Oculus Rift announced that they are planning to developer an MMO that can hold a total of one billion players in it. The MMO would be designed around a mystical world filled with various elements that allow for players to do incredible things no human ever could.

Oculus Rift logo

The MMO would have three different continents on one single world, each continent would focus on a different set of abilities in which each continent could fight off one another with. The game won’t have any direct story line and will allow for the players to generate what happens in the game. You could choose to have a full out war or simply have a continent where peace resides. The developers behind the Oculus Rift noted that they would like to have this game completed roughly around 2017 and that it’d be released on the PC and PS4, working alongside Sony to create the Playstation VR Headset.

Kevin Hammer, the creator behind the Oculus Rift made a statement regarding this future MMO saying: “The potential for virtual reality to become a house hold possibility is becoming one step closer with each passing day. We know that come a decade’s time you will no longer be playing with a controller but instead using your mind to program what’s going on in the game. We hope to create an MMO designed in a mystical world with three separate continents, each continent containing a different set of abilities. This future MMO will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017.”

skillonnet logo

SkillOnNet Releasing 14 Slots In April

SkillOnNet, a long lasting software developer in the online gambling market announced that they will be releasing fourteen new slots during April. SkillOnNet recently took over WMS Gaming, the slots to be released will be divided between slots created by the software team at WMS and the software team at SkillOnNet.

skillonnet logo

These new slots will be released on a variety of casinos. These casinos include Slots Magic, a new casino designed around Jackpot Party Casino. Jackpot Party was previously owned by WMS and was closed when SkillOnNet purchased the developers. They then rebranded that casino into Slots Magic, all of the players at Jackpot Party where transferred over to Slots Magic when the casino was launched a month ago.

Kevin Cremer, the European Product Manager at SkillOnNet commented on these future slot releases saying, “Every online gambler enjoys a new slot experience. Last month we took it upon ourselves to release a couple of slots but this month we wanted to give our punters a feast of slots to enjoy. That is why both the SkillOnNet and WMS software teams were hard at work creating games for April in March.”

“The games that are to be released will offer a variety of experiences, giving something that every punter can enjoy. Some of the slots that are being released this month are based around properties such as Elvis, Bruce Lee, Star Trek and The Wizard of Oz. We will also be releasing a sequel to Vampire Feat.”


Microgaming’s Cash Splash Jackpot Awarded for $100,973!

Microgaming’s Cash Splash jackpot was triggered this week. A lucky punter was able to land on a jackpot worth $100,973 while playing this slot.


Cash Splash is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot designed to resemble classic slot machines. The game features one jackpot that is constantly expanding. The game also boasts features such as wilds, giving punters the opportunity to land on multiple winning combinations in one spin.

Microgaming has yet to reveal any information pertaining towards where this jackpot was triggered or who won the jackpot. Microgaming did make a statement saying, “Cash Splash is one of the most popular slots that we have ever created. Once this slot became popular amongst online gamblers the jackpot was triggered once a week, averaging a $50,000 jackpot win. It’s wonderful to know that you are changing the lives of multiple punters every year through a simple slot such as Cash Splash. The punter who triggered this jackpot will not reveal his name to the public in order to avoid potential issues, he has said that he plans to use the money he has won towards a vacation and new car.”

The Cash Splash jackpot is triggered on a weekly basis, every four days one punter gets to land on this incredible jackpot. The punter who triggered the $100,973 jackpot win got lucky as it has been ten days since the jackpot was last triggered, thus by allowing for the amount of the jackpot to increase by half of its regular amount.