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SkillOnNet Releasing 14 Slots In April

SkillOnNet, a long lasting software developer in the online gambling market announced that they will be releasing fourteen new slots during April. SkillOnNet recently took over WMS Gaming, the slots to be released will be divided between slots created by the software team at WMS and the software team at SkillOnNet.

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These new slots will be released on a variety of casinos. These casinos include Slots Magic, a new casino designed around Jackpot Party Casino. Jackpot Party was previously owned by WMS and was closed when SkillOnNet purchased the developers. They then rebranded that casino into Slots Magic, all of the players at Jackpot Party where transferred over to Slots Magic when the casino was launched a month ago.

Kevin Cremer, the European Product Manager at SkillOnNet commented on these future slot releases saying, “Every online gambler enjoys a new slot experience. Last month we took it upon ourselves to release a couple of slots but this month we wanted to give our punters a feast of slots to enjoy. That is why both the SkillOnNet and WMS software teams were hard at work creating games for April in March.”

“The games that are to be released will offer a variety of experiences, giving something that every punter can enjoy. Some of the slots that are being released this month are based around properties such as Elvis, Bruce Lee, Star Trek and The Wizard of Oz. We will also be releasing a sequel to Vampire Feat.”


Microgaming’s Cash Splash Jackpot Awarded for $100,973!

Microgaming’s Cash Splash jackpot was triggered this week. A lucky punter was able to land on a jackpot worth $100,973 while playing this slot.


Cash Splash is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot designed to resemble classic slot machines. The game features one jackpot that is constantly expanding. The game also boasts features such as wilds, giving punters the opportunity to land on multiple winning combinations in one spin.

Microgaming has yet to reveal any information pertaining towards where this jackpot was triggered or who won the jackpot. Microgaming did make a statement saying, “Cash Splash is one of the most popular slots that we have ever created. Once this slot became popular amongst online gamblers the jackpot was triggered once a week, averaging a $50,000 jackpot win. It’s wonderful to know that you are changing the lives of multiple punters every year through a simple slot such as Cash Splash. The punter who triggered this jackpot will not reveal his name to the public in order to avoid potential issues, he has said that he plans to use the money he has won towards a vacation and new car.”

The Cash Splash jackpot is triggered on a weekly basis, every four days one punter gets to land on this incredible jackpot. The punter who triggered the $100,973 jackpot win got lucky as it has been ten days since the jackpot was last triggered, thus by allowing for the amount of the jackpot to increase by half of its regular amount.

US Players against Federal Banning Of Online Gambling

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection, a pro online gambling group announced that they have published a new report which shows that the majority of citizens within the United States of America don’t agree with the federal banning of online gambling in their country.

Through the poll the coalition was able to gain a percentage of citizens who want online gambling to be regulated and legalized throughout their country. 75% of US Citizens believe online gambling should be legalized while the other 25% agree with the federal banning of all online gambling.

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection commented on the release of their survey saying, “If the United States Government places a federal banning on online gambling they will destroy a reborn industry in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Once again the government will be taking away a state’s main source of tax revenue. If the United States Government were to legalize online gambling they along with every state within the country would be able to bring in a considerably larger amount of revenue in their taxes.”

The only issue with these surveys is that multiple coalitions such as the coalition owned by Sheldon Adelson also posts reports that shows the majority of US Citizens not wanting legalized online gambling. Their reports contradict one another, we are unsure as to where the future of online gambling within the United States of America stands but we do know it won’t be banned across the board.

32Red Announces Details On Future Microgaming Release Dates

32Red, an online casino operator announced details on some of the future video slots to be released by Microgaming. They revealed the dates for some of Microgaming’s biggest slots to date which includes Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, and Terminator.

32Red made this announcement after they made a post on their website, the post revealed the release dates for the following video slots. The first to be released is Untamed Crowned Eagle, Loose Cannon, Tiger Eyes and Mayan Princess. These video slots will be released on March 5th. The second slots to be released will be High Society, Girls with Guns 2 and Eagle Wings. These three slots will be released on April 9th. On the 7th of May punters will be able to enjoy two new slots named Cool Wolf and Football Star. During the month of June Microgaming will release their video slot Terminator 2, August will have the release of Game of Thrones and September will have the Jurassic Park video slot released into the online gambling market.

These released have not been written in stone and can still be subjected to change. It appears that we will not be seeing any video slots based around blockbuster movies for this summer. 32Red will be one of the first online casinos that receives the all of these new video slots the day that they are released. You can join this online casino today with a welcome bonus, deposit bonus and more.

Queen of the Pyramids jackpot triggered for $159,040

The progressive slot Queen of Pyramids saw its jackpot triggered this week in the amount of $159,040. This is a Playtech powered slot that includes a number of features along with its progressive jackpot. It is one of more than 30 progressive slots in the Playtech library and was first released 6 years ago.

The player who triggered the jackpot has not been announced as this jackpot was only won a few days ago. It is a safe bet to imagine that at this time they are still celebrating such a healthy win, which jackpots do not come that often, so it is only right that it be celebrated.
The Queen of Pyramids slot is based on an Egyptian them and include the more common Egyptian styled symbols. It includes a number of special add on such as the progressive jackpot but also scatters and wild symbols. Together this can result in substantial wins but the real draw for this slot is its jackpot.

Playtech is one of the world’s larger companies involved in online gaming software and games. They have offices all over the world and employ thousands within the industry directly and thousands more indirectly.

Full Tilt poker set to make payments in February

This week has seen those responsible for administering the claims US players had outstanding against Full Tilt poker announcing that payments would commence in February. Full Tilt had all of their funds seized the US justice department last year and until Rational Entertainment purchases Full Tilt player funds were at a loss.

The Department of Justice has now been advised that the initial round of payments will be awarded to players, which to date exceeds 30,000 with claims totalling in excess of $80 million. Those who have completed claims correctly will be paid first, those who have failed to complete claims correctly will then be paid at a later date is approval of their claims is determined. This is expected to occur inside of 3 week with payments completed by the end of March.

There is instructions advising players to check the website for updates relating to payments and the time for processing those payments, which will be by check or directly to player bank accounts. Only those applicants who met the deadline for claims will be considered. Those who failed to submit in time will forfeit any funds owed.

Full Tilt is once again operating under new management but has struggle to regain a loyal following since its initial demise.

New Jersey Online Gambling Market To Go Says Analyst

An Analyst from the “Janney Montgomery Scot Firm” has started that he believes New Jersey’s Online Gambling market will continue to grow. Brain McGill, The Analyst noted that the revenues won’t reach their potential for some time.

Mr. McGill continued on by saying that the predicted $200 Million dollar range for New Jersey’s first year in the gambling market is false. He predicts that it will beat those numbers by a substantial amount. He does not believe that the Garden State will be fall short of their predicted $1.8 Billion Annual Revenue range.

One casino stands out between all the rest when it comes to the terms of revenue. The Borgata Casino and Resort will take up 20% of the total revenue made throughout the entire year. Of course a large portion of that money would go to IGT, the software provider of 32 online slots to the casino.

Another state that has legal online gambling is Delaware and they have seen low numbers since the beginning. An increase in players is said to be limited and those who do play don’t wager large amounts of money. As it stands right now there is 2,800 registered players in Delaware, wagering only a total amount of $3.8 Million since launching day.

Nevada on the other hand has a solid amount of player registrations daily, roughly ranging around 200. All together New Jersey has had 75,000 Player registrations since its launch on November 21st.

Net Entertainment Mobile Software Adopted By Ladbrokes

One of the largest internet betting firms based outside of the United Kingdom is Ladbrokes. This month they announced that they have adopted the Net Entertainment Mobile Software. This means that all of the Net Entertainment mobile gaming titles will be added to the current Ladbrokes mobile library.

This new partnership was created due to a content supply deal between these two companies. This is the first step of many that will have the Net Entertainment games released onto the Ladbrokes mobile software. As of now there are a couple of Net Entertainment slots that have been ported over, as time goes on Net Entertainment won’t just port over their mobile games but will also port over their desktop slots.

Ladbrokes works with a few other software developers such as Playtech. When you enter the Ladbrokes mobile casino for the first time you will be met with a massive variety of casino games to choose from. Net Entertainment and Playtech stand as some of the top software developers within the industry, it is clear that Ladbrokes is working around the clock to become the best mobile software available across all major mobile platforms (I.E Apple and Android).

Net entertainment has become one of the most sought after egaming providers of today. They strive towards game perfection and have stellar reputations as a software supplier and in the development of games.

Online Gambling Bust In Cambodia Gets 13 Arrests

Law Enforcement Officials in Cambodia have reported that they carried out a massive sting operation again an illegal online gambling ring that they’d been investigating on for months now. During this sting operation thirteen different people were arrested and are now facing trail for being a part of this illegal gambling ring.

The men responsible for this illegal gambling ring have been allegedly taken into custody as of Saturday Night. Four of these individuals originated from Cambodia while the other nine additional men originated from South Korea. The raid took place at a local bar, it was a suspicion of the Cambodia Police that their headquarters was there. Their suspicions were correct and now this illegal gambling ring has been put to a halt if not forever disbanded.

All of the suspects in this case have been charged already and they will face heir charges in Cambodian Courts. The results of their actions are in the courts favors as illegal gambling in the country is highly frowned upon.

Commenting on the raid and thirteen arrests is Major Chief General Sorth Dina and he said, “Those arrested have only been charged with their actions for illegal online gambling activity, during the raid we found gun usage and we are working to find out the origins of these guns. If they are illegal we can ensure you that they’ll also be charged for owning illegal fire arms as well.

Online Betting to become legal in the US Virgin Islands

The government for the US Virgin islands announced that they plan to fully open the online betting/gambling markets to their citizens, this in return will help the US Virgin Islands economy grow in this recession.

The bill for legal online gambling was passed through the USVI office twelve years ago. The law was never truly enacted by the government which meant that online gambling fell in between this small crack where its legal but illegal at the same time. This has been changed though as the USVI have enacted the bill which means that online gambling is officially legal.

The governor of the US Virgin Islands commented on this new potential market saying, “This is a stepping stone for my State that will allow for us to grow in the economy. Internet gambling is instantly available to all of our citizens with internet which means more of our citizens can enjoy the casino games they love. We encourage online casinos to make the investment into our state with their casinos because I know that my citizens will love what the online casinos have to offer.”

The US Virgin Islands will also stand as a base camp for future licensing agreements within the online gambling industry.