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Black Ops 3 Zombies to be Astonishing

Treyarch is often considered the best developer out of the three who develop Call of Duty video games. The reasoning for this is because they go beyond the norm of a COD game in order to appeal to a larger majority of gamers. This appealing factor would be the Treyarch zombie’s mode which has been in each of their games since World at War. Treyarch has revealed that this zombie’s mode will go far beyond anything they’ve ever attempted before.

Black Ops 3 Zombies

The new zombie mode will be on an open world scale, even though Black Ops 2 did the same thing with their zombie mode you can expect that this version will be far greater in size as well as details. This is thanks to the next generation consoles abilities in terms of how much it can process. The new zombie mode is said to be four to five times greater than the size of BO2’s open world map. There’ll also be a far greater amount of zombies on screen when players continue to advance through the levels. This’ll surely make for a more incredible experience for fans.

Treyarch also noted that each downloadable content package they release for BO3 won’t just be an add on to this open world, it’ll be a brand new open world available for play that’ll either be the same size or larger than the original map being showcased in Black Ops 3. This has caused for fans all around the globe to jump around in excitement, this’ll be the top selling call of duty game to be released in years.

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Garden Warfare 2 Appearing at E3

E3 2015 is now less than a week away and companies within the video game industry have begun to make announcements of what fans can see at E3 this year. Electronic Arts, one of the largest publishers in the industry announced that Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will be appearing at E3 this year.

E3 2015

This announcement has come to a shock to video game insiders as the original garden warfare title was released only two years ago. None the less it seems that Electronic Arts is continuing to try and bank on the success of Plants VS. Zombies with a new addition to the series. The Garden Warfare games resemble that of Call of Duty, players are given the ability to play as a Plant or Zombie with various different abilities. The multiplayer based game received high appraisal due to the fact that the game was balanced, it was fun like classic shooters and it offers free DLC on a regular basis.

Fans of the game have requested that a sequel be made for this garden based shooter and Electronic Arts has listened. As of right now there isn’t much information regarding the new game as it has yet to even make its first appearance. Fans can expect to enjoy all of the aspects about the original within the sequel with the addition of some new features that’ll only enhance this shooter onwards.

We shall keep you posted with every bit of information released during E3 2015 regarding Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

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Fear the Walking Dead Coming Next Year

Fear the Walking Dead

Earlier on last year AMC, the television channel provider responsible for the success behind shows like “Mad Men” or “The Walking Dead” announced their latest show which is sure to be a hit “Fear the Walking Dead”. As of this time, we know that this show will air in 2017 during the summer season.

Fear the Walking Dead will be in the same universe as the original television show. The only difference is that the first season of this show takes place before the zombie outbreak and during it. This’ll allow for much more dramatic and intense scenes to come from AMC. Due to this show taking place directly in the beginning of the zombie outbreak, those viewing this show will see that the zombies look fresher and more human. This will change as the show continues to move forward with its inevitable future seasons.

It is also confirmed that some characters we’ve seen from the original series will make their way to “Fear the Walking Dead”. This shall allow for fans to see what certain characters we’re doing during the outbreak of the zombie infection.

AMC hasn’t revealed any release dates for this show. All that is known is that the show is currently shooting in Los Angeles as this is where the show takes place. We’ll inform you of any new information released about this show within the next twelve odd months before it is released onto our Televisions. It will surely be interesting to see how this zombie filled world came to be.

Dying Light Inspires

Scott Bass, the director of a short film that is now becoming viral across the internet is receiving highly esteemed reviews and praise for his short film based on the upcoming video game “Dying Light”. This director hired dozens of people well trained in parkour, dressed them up as zombies and as a parkour expect himself was chased down by these well moving zombies. The result is a heart pacing film that has been seen by 2.7 Million so far with that number incredible by .1 per day. As this video has gone viral it has gained the attention of the creators of Dying Light.

Dying Light

The Creators of Dying Light are now sending Scott Bass out to Miami, California in order to shoot a 2:00 commercial that’ll air before the game is released. This commercial will mainly contain of live footage with some game footage mixed into the trailer as well. Mr. Bass has stated that this is a major honor and that he can’t believe he’s been given this opportunity. Mr. Bass could very well start his career in Hollywood through this commercial which could lead to him making unique zombie films, action films and so much more.

This isn’t the first time that Scott Bass has had a video gone viral before but it is the first time that he has ever gained recognition to the point that he has been given a job in another country for his efforts. Those wishing to see this film can do so by searching “Dying Light: Zombie Parkour Chase” on Youtube.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a beloved show made by AMC that takes place in a zombie apocalypse world. Throughout the five seasons that have aired we have seen our stars gone from a small camp site in the middle of a ravine to the massive city of Atlanta to the depths of Woodbury. We have seen Rick, Daryl, Carl & so many others go through so much within the last five seasons and characters such as Daryl have been able to become an icon to fans everywhere.


It appears that after the mid season finale there are major changes to come to the show. Everyone is speculating that Rick Grimes will finally see his final day on The Walking Dead as in the comic books he dies early and it is Carl who takes up reigns in order to defend for the group of survivors we know on the show. Other people are speculating that Rick will just leave and won’t return to the group for years to come which would still result in Carl becoming the leader of the group and it would allow for Rick Grimes to return to the show in three or four seasons time.

Regardless it is unknown as to what the major changes are going to be other than that multiple producers, directors and actors from the show have stated that huge things are about to happen on the show. This could prove to be a good decision as The Walking Dead has been lacking in their ability to make compelling storylines as they have done so in the past.

Zombie Virus Released

One of the more popular iOS titles available on the market is “Plague”, a game which allows for players to create their own disease name and plague the world with their disease. In order to defeat the game you must infect & kill everyone on Earth. Well a new game has arrived on the iOS Market, this name game being called “Zombie Virus”. You infect the entire world with a zombie virus which eventually kills off the entire population.


Just like with Plague you will be able to collect special tokens which in return will allow for you to make your zombie virus that much more powerful. You also will be able to gain tokens which will stop those wishing to create a cure from doing so. The main difference between this game and Plague is the animations, unlike Plague you will see funny cartoon like animations appear on your iPad or iPhone while playing this game. It brings a more comedic feel to your gameplay experience.

Those wishing to play this game will either have to own an iPhone 5, 5C, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, Any iPad Mini or any iPad Air. Afterwards you will have to access the marketplace on your device and download this application. The developers behind this title have stated that they will be releasing an Android version of this game in the next upcoming weeks. Zombie Virus is sure to be a series contender in the marketplace as it offers a fun playing experience & is more comedic than Plague.

The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead, a cult fanatic book and Television Series premiered its fifth season two weeks ago. Today it was revealed just how many people tuned it to watch the Series Premiere of The Walking Dead. It turns out that roughly five million people tuned in on October 11th to watch this Television Program. This is more than they’ve ever gotten in a previous season opener, showing that The Walking Dead is still the power house TV Series that it was four years ago.

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic noted that this season becomes far more darker than any season before. We will see characters change who they are entirely, the nicest of the characters will become murders & murders will become saviors. It sound like Robert Kirkman is doing everything in his power to ensure that The Walking Dead remains as a show with compelling characters and big action sequences, something that was lacking in the fourth season. He also noted that more than one regular that we’ve known from the first season will die in Season 5.

The Walking Dead is only on its second episode in the fifth season. You can view all previous episodes of this show by either owning Netflix, The Season DVD’s or going to We’ll keep you informed on any majors changes that occur in the show over the course of season 5. You can be ensured that this season will be the most terrifying and exciting in the whole series.

Toronto Zombie Walk

Every year for the last five years there has been a local Halloween event in the streets of Toronto. Citizens from all over Southern Ontario have gathered to walk the streets of Toronto as zombies, it’s a fun event that brings hundreds to thousands of people together every year. Unfortunately it seems that the Toronto Zombie Walk could be coming to an end after this year.

T.O zombie

The Halloween Parade & Toronto Zombie Walk have officially launched an online fundraiser campaign as their sponsors pulled out weeks before planning began. They need a total of fifty thousand dollars in order to operate this parade and zombie walk. This money being used for security purposes, insurance, transportation, entertainment and makeup. As of right now they’ve been able to collect a total of $15,000 which means their $35,000 shy away from their goal. This doesn’t mean that the parade will end this year, if worse comes to worse “The Halloween Parade & Toronto Zombie Walk” committee have said that they’ll dip into next year’s reserve funds which will allow for them to operate the Zombie walk for one final time.

They’ve been promoting the event and have gotten various celebrities to voice their approval of this parade/walk. This has allowed for them to earn more revenue as people have been donating more, donating a minimum of $5 will allow for you to receive your ticket for the Zombie Walk. Anyone is allowed to attend the Parade as it is free.

The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 will be coming to you on October 12th, 2014. The new season will pick up where the fourth season ended, we will see our heroes trying to find a new place to call their home but along the way will have a series set of issues befall upon them. You can expect to see the likes of the governor return to the series in the fifth season, he will be on a vendetta to kill Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors for destroying everything he loved halfway through the fourth season. A number of new faces will also appear in this year’s season of the Walking Dead while other characters we’ve grown to love will pass away.

The Walking Dead

Today it was revealed that the fifth season for “The Walking Dead” has almost finished filming. You must understand that they have to film through the summer so that they can have the summer episodes appear in October as by that time fall has befallen the Georgia area.

Charlie Collier, the President of AMC happily made this announcement saying the following to the mass amount of reporters located at the press conference, “From the opening tease in the premiere onward, season 5 is without question the most ambitious and satisfying season this amazing team has ever crafted. In the zombie apocalypse, event television is alive and well, and I am proud to acknowledge that this uniquely talented writing staff, production team and cast have once again raised the bar

Content Deal Entered

EypoBet is quickly growing as one of the more popular online casinos in the online gambling market. They offer an array of different casino games which range from video slots to table games. This variety of gameplay has allowed for them to grow in popularity as they cater to a wide array of different players. Today EypoBet alongside Net Entertainment made an announcement, that announcement being that they are now offering their punters the Net Entertainment live dealer gambling platform. This came as a shock to many as EypoBet used to offer the Microgaming Live Dealer gambling platform previous to this announcement. Both platforms offer great experiences but Net Entertainment slightly pulls on top, explaining why those made the change.


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