Online Betting to become legal in the US Virgin Islands

The government for the US Virgin islands announced that they plan to fully open the online betting/gambling markets to their citizens, this in return will help the US Virgin Islands economy grow in this recession.

The bill for legal online gambling was passed through the USVI office twelve years ago. The law was never truly enacted by the government which meant that online gambling fell in between this small crack where its legal but illegal at the same time. This has been changed though as the USVI have enacted the bill which means that online gambling is officially legal.

The governor of the US Virgin Islands commented on this new potential market saying, “This is a stepping stone for my State that will allow for us to grow in the economy. Internet gambling is instantly available to all of our citizens with internet which means more of our citizens can enjoy the casino games they love. We encourage online casinos to make the investment into our state with their casinos because I know that my citizens will love what the online casinos have to offer.”

The US Virgin Islands will also stand as a base camp for future licensing agreements within the online gambling industry.

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