Online Gambling Bust In Cambodia Gets 13 Arrests

Law Enforcement Officials in Cambodia have reported that they carried out a massive sting operation again an illegal online gambling ring that they’d been investigating on for months now. During this sting operation thirteen different people were arrested and are now facing trail for being a part of this illegal gambling ring.

The men responsible for this illegal gambling ring have been allegedly taken into custody as of Saturday Night. Four of these individuals originated from Cambodia while the other nine additional men originated from South Korea. The raid took place at a local bar, it was a suspicion of the Cambodia Police that their headquarters was there. Their suspicions were correct and now this illegal gambling ring has been put to a halt if not forever disbanded.

All of the suspects in this case have been charged already and they will face heir charges in Cambodian Courts. The results of their actions are in the courts favors as illegal gambling in the country is highly frowned upon.

Commenting on the raid and thirteen arrests is Major Chief General Sorth Dina and he said, “Those arrested have only been charged with their actions for illegal online gambling activity, during the raid we found gun usage and we are working to find out the origins of these guns. If they are illegal we can ensure you that they’ll also be charged for owning illegal fire arms as well.

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