New Jersey Online Gambling Market To Go Says Analyst

An Analyst from the “Janney Montgomery Scot Firm” has started that he believes New Jersey’s Online Gambling market will continue to grow. Brain McGill, The Analyst noted that the revenues won’t reach their potential for some time.

Mr. McGill continued on by saying that the predicted $200 Million dollar range for New Jersey’s first year in the gambling market is false. He predicts that it will beat those numbers by a substantial amount. He does not believe that the Garden State will be fall short of their predicted $1.8 Billion Annual Revenue range.

One casino stands out between all the rest when it comes to the terms of revenue. The Borgata Casino and Resort will take up 20% of the total revenue made throughout the entire year. Of course a large portion of that money would go to IGT, the software provider of 32 online slots to the casino.

Another state that has legal online gambling is Delaware and they have seen low numbers since the beginning. An increase in players is said to be limited and those who do play don’t wager large amounts of money. As it stands right now there is 2,800 registered players in Delaware, wagering only a total amount of $3.8 Million since launching day.

Nevada on the other hand has a solid amount of player registrations daily, roughly ranging around 200. All together New Jersey has had 75,000 Player registrations since its launch on November 21st.

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