US Players against Federal Banning Of Online Gambling

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection, a pro online gambling group announced that they have published a new report which shows that the majority of citizens within the United States of America don’t agree with the federal banning of online gambling in their country.

Through the poll the coalition was able to gain a percentage of citizens who want online gambling to be regulated and legalized throughout their country. 75% of US Citizens believe online gambling should be legalized while the other 25% agree with the federal banning of all online gambling.

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection commented on the release of their survey saying, “If the United States Government places a federal banning on online gambling they will destroy a reborn industry in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Once again the government will be taking away a state’s main source of tax revenue. If the United States Government were to legalize online gambling they along with every state within the country would be able to bring in a considerably larger amount of revenue in their taxes.”

The only issue with these surveys is that multiple coalitions such as the coalition owned by Sheldon Adelson also posts reports that shows the majority of US Citizens not wanting legalized online gambling. Their reports contradict one another, we are unsure as to where the future of online gambling within the United States of America stands but we do know it won’t be banned across the board.

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