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Microgaming’s Cash Splash Jackpot Awarded for $100,973!

Microgaming’s Cash Splash jackpot was triggered this week. A lucky punter was able to land on a jackpot worth $100,973 while playing this slot.


Cash Splash is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot designed to resemble classic slot machines. The game features one jackpot that is constantly expanding. The game also boasts features such as wilds, giving punters the opportunity to land on multiple winning combinations in one spin.

Microgaming has yet to reveal any information pertaining towards where this jackpot was triggered or who won the jackpot. Microgaming did make a statement saying, “Cash Splash is one of the most popular slots that we have ever created. Once this slot became popular amongst online gamblers the jackpot was triggered once a week, averaging a $50,000 jackpot win. It’s wonderful to know that you are changing the lives of multiple punters every year through a simple slot such as Cash Splash. The punter who triggered this jackpot will not reveal his name to the public in order to avoid potential issues, he has said that he plans to use the money he has won towards a vacation and new car.”

The Cash Splash jackpot is triggered on a weekly basis, every four days one punter gets to land on this incredible jackpot. The punter who triggered the $100,973 jackpot win got lucky as it has been ten days since the jackpot was last triggered, thus by allowing for the amount of the jackpot to increase by half of its regular amount.

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