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Oculus Rift Developers Want To Create a 1 Billion Person MMO

The developers behind the Oculus Rift announced that they are planning to developer an MMO that can hold a total of one billion players in it. The MMO would be designed around a mystical world filled with various elements that allow for players to do incredible things no human ever could.

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The MMO would have three different continents on one single world, each continent would focus on a different set of abilities in which each continent could fight off one another with. The game won’t have any direct story line and will allow for the players to generate what happens in the game. You could choose to have a full out war or simply have a continent where peace resides. The developers behind the Oculus Rift noted that they would like to have this game completed roughly around 2017 and that it’d be released on the PC and PS4, working alongside Sony to create the Playstation VR Headset.

Kevin Hammer, the creator behind the Oculus Rift made a statement regarding this future MMO saying: “The potential for virtual reality to become a house hold possibility is becoming one step closer with each passing day. We know that come a decade’s time you will no longer be playing with a controller but instead using your mind to program what’s going on in the game. We hope to create an MMO designed in a mystical world with three separate continents, each continent containing a different set of abilities. This future MMO will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017.”

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