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World of Warcraft Falls 35%

World of Warcraft, one of the longest lasting PC MMO’s has had a 35% decrease in subscriptions since the Elder Scrolls Online went into beta mode. Activision announced this after the end of April, noting that when the new Elder Scrolls game goes live across all platforms the MMO will drop more than likely by 75% in Subscriptions. Essentially this could mean the fall of one of the most legendary MMO’s in the world.

World of Warcraft

This doesn’t mean the MMO won’t be able to operate for at least another five years as the next expansion pack “Warlords of Draenor” has already sold one million copies without it even be released yet, the pre-orders have gone through the roof and are the largest ever seen for a World of Warcraft Expansion Pack. Even if seventy five percent of players stopped subscribing to World of Warcraft there would be nearly five million people playing and paying for the game on a monthly basis. This is more than enough money for Activision to pay the sever fees and still turn a profit.

The only worry for Activision is that the new Elder Scrolls Online MMO will eventually reach the popularity that World of Warcraft did, thus by making all of their subscribers leave the game at some point in time. Though it should be noted that Blizzard, the developers behind WoW are creating a new MMO right now with top of the line graphics. When this game is released it is said to redefine what MMO gaming should be.

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