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AMC Announces Second Walking Dead Show

AMC is the television channel that owns the property rights to “The Walking Dead”. This means that if any walking dead television show or movie is ever to be released it must be done so through AMC. Today AMC revealed that they are currently developing a second walking dead show for their next season line up. This has excited many fans of the series as AMC noted that the first season would take place during the outbreak of the zombie infection.

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This means that we will be able to see 13 horrific weekly episodes of The Walking Dead during the zombie infection uprising. We have been able to see brief glimpses beforehand such as Shane protecting Rick in the Hospital or the federal government running down the hospitals with their bullets. This will breed a whole new fan base into the show and potentially make the branch that much bigger. AMC didn’t reveal as to when this new weekly episodic walking dead show will be released upon the world. We suspect that it’ll make its ways to viewers one month after the original show is released.

Robert Kirkman, the original creator of The Walking Dead made a short statement regarding the new walking dead show saying, “We are unsure as to where this new show will be taking place. We have narrowed it down to either Las Vegas, New York City or Chicago. This means that either way you will be able to see the outbreak of the virus is a large urban area, I can only hope that it’ll be as amazing as I suspect it’ll be.”

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