Coney Island Zombie Attack

Coney Island was plagued by a horrific zombie attack last weekend. New sources confirm that dozens of people began to turn into the living dead, attacking the living and having their same medical conditions occur within them. This of course was in all good fun as for the last five years Coney Island has held a local zombie gathering every summer. Thousands upon thousands of people will dress up as zombies and roam Coney Island looking for some fresh flesh. This turns out to be a lot of fun as you get to take pictures, enjoy activities designed for zombies and enjoy the rides of Coney Island with a little bit of a zombie theme.

Coney island zombies

Over the course of the last five years this zombie gathering at Coney Island has become more popular with each passing year. The first year only two thousand people attended the gathering, the second year ten thousand people attended the gathering and this year forty thousand people attended the gathering. It was the largest group of zombies anyone had ever seen and it was truly a marvel.

There are other places throughout the world that offer these same kinds of gatherings. Located throughout North America there are various establishments that allow for you to run through a maze, you can either be a zombie chasing other people or be someone running away from the zombie. If you are a part of the massive zombie fan base then you should look for one of these establishments today.

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