The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 will be coming to you on October 12th, 2014. The new season will pick up where the fourth season ended, we will see our heroes trying to find a new place to call their home but along the way will have a series set of issues befall upon them. You can expect to see the likes of the governor return to the series in the fifth season, he will be on a vendetta to kill Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors for destroying everything he loved halfway through the fourth season. A number of new faces will also appear in this year’s season of the Walking Dead while other characters we’ve grown to love will pass away.

The Walking Dead

Today it was revealed that the fifth season for “The Walking Dead” has almost finished filming. You must understand that they have to film through the summer so that they can have the summer episodes appear in October as by that time fall has befallen the Georgia area.

Charlie Collier, the President of AMC happily made this announcement saying the following to the mass amount of reporters located at the press conference, “From the opening tease in the premiere onward, season 5 is without question the most ambitious and satisfying season this amazing team has ever crafted. In the zombie apocalypse, event television is alive and well, and I am proud to acknowledge that this uniquely talented writing staff, production team and cast have once again raised the bar

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