Toronto Zombie Walk

Every year for the last five years there has been a local Halloween event in the streets of Toronto. Citizens from all over Southern Ontario have gathered to walk the streets of Toronto as zombies, it’s a fun event that brings hundreds to thousands of people together every year. Unfortunately it seems that the Toronto Zombie Walk could be coming to an end after this year.

T.O zombie

The Halloween Parade & Toronto Zombie Walk have officially launched an online fundraiser campaign as their sponsors pulled out weeks before planning began. They need a total of fifty thousand dollars in order to operate this parade and zombie walk. This money being used for security purposes, insurance, transportation, entertainment and makeup. As of right now they’ve been able to collect a total of $15,000 which means their $35,000 shy away from their goal. This doesn’t mean that the parade will end this year, if worse comes to worse “The Halloween Parade & Toronto Zombie Walk” committee have said that they’ll dip into next year’s reserve funds which will allow for them to operate the Zombie walk for one final time.

They’ve been promoting the event and have gotten various celebrities to voice their approval of this parade/walk. This has allowed for them to earn more revenue as people have been donating more, donating a minimum of $5 will allow for you to receive your ticket for the Zombie Walk. Anyone is allowed to attend the Parade as it is free.

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