The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead, a cult fanatic book and Television Series premiered its fifth season two weeks ago. Today it was revealed just how many people tuned it to watch the Series Premiere of The Walking Dead. It turns out that roughly five million people tuned in on October 11th to watch this Television Program. This is more than they’ve ever gotten in a previous season opener, showing that The Walking Dead is still the power house TV Series that it was four years ago.

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic noted that this season becomes far more darker than any season before. We will see characters change who they are entirely, the nicest of the characters will become murders & murders will become saviors. It sound like Robert Kirkman is doing everything in his power to ensure that The Walking Dead remains as a show with compelling characters and big action sequences, something that was lacking in the fourth season. He also noted that more than one regular that we’ve known from the first season will die in Season 5.

The Walking Dead is only on its second episode in the fifth season. You can view all previous episodes of this show by either owning Netflix, The Season DVD’s or going to We’ll keep you informed on any majors changes that occur in the show over the course of season 5. You can be ensured that this season will be the most terrifying and exciting in the whole series.

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