Zombie Virus Released

One of the more popular iOS titles available on the market is “Plague”, a game which allows for players to create their own disease name and plague the world with their disease. In order to defeat the game you must infect & kill everyone on Earth. Well a new game has arrived on the iOS Market, this name game being called “Zombie Virus”. You infect the entire world with a zombie virus which eventually kills off the entire population.


Just like with Plague you will be able to collect special tokens which in return will allow for you to make your zombie virus that much more powerful. You also will be able to gain tokens which will stop those wishing to create a cure from doing so. The main difference between this game and Plague is the animations, unlike Plague you will see funny cartoon like animations appear on your iPad or iPhone while playing this game. It brings a more comedic feel to your gameplay experience.

Those wishing to play this game will either have to own an iPhone 5, 5C, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, Any iPad Mini or any iPad Air. Afterwards you will have to access the marketplace on your device and download this application. The developers behind this title have stated that they will be releasing an Android version of this game in the next upcoming weeks. Zombie Virus is sure to be a series contender in the marketplace as it offers a fun playing experience & is more comedic than Plague.

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