The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a beloved show made by AMC that takes place in a zombie apocalypse world. Throughout the five seasons that have aired we have seen our stars gone from a small camp site in the middle of a ravine to the massive city of Atlanta to the depths of Woodbury. We have seen Rick, Daryl, Carl & so many others go through so much within the last five seasons and characters such as Daryl have been able to become an icon to fans everywhere.


It appears that after the mid season finale there are major changes to come to the show. Everyone is speculating that Rick Grimes will finally see his final day on The Walking Dead as in the comic books he dies early and it is Carl who takes up reigns in order to defend for the group of survivors we know on the show. Other people are speculating that Rick will just leave and won’t return to the group for years to come which would still result in Carl becoming the leader of the group and it would allow for Rick Grimes to return to the show in three or four seasons time.

Regardless it is unknown as to what the major changes are going to be other than that multiple producers, directors and actors from the show have stated that huge things are about to happen on the show. This could prove to be a good decision as The Walking Dead has been lacking in their ability to make compelling storylines as they have done so in the past.

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