Dying Light Inspires

Scott Bass, the director of a short film that is now becoming viral across the internet is receiving highly esteemed reviews and praise for his short film based on the upcoming video game “Dying Light”. This director hired dozens of people well trained in parkour, dressed them up as zombies and as a parkour expect himself was chased down by these well moving zombies. The result is a heart pacing film that has been seen by 2.7 Million so far with that number incredible by .1 per day. As this video has gone viral it has gained the attention of the creators of Dying Light.

Dying Light

The Creators of Dying Light are now sending Scott Bass out to Miami, California in order to shoot a 2:00 commercial that’ll air before the game is released. This commercial will mainly contain of live footage with some game footage mixed into the trailer as well. Mr. Bass has stated that this is a major honor and that he can’t believe he’s been given this opportunity. Mr. Bass could very well start his career in Hollywood through this commercial which could lead to him making unique zombie films, action films and so much more.

This isn’t the first time that Scott Bass has had a video gone viral before but it is the first time that he has ever gained recognition to the point that he has been given a job in another country for his efforts. Those wishing to see this film can do so by searching “Dying Light: Zombie Parkour Chase” on Youtube.

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