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Fear the Walking Dead Coming Next Year

Fear the Walking Dead

Earlier on last year AMC, the television channel provider responsible for the success behind shows like “Mad Men” or “The Walking Dead” announced their latest show which is sure to be a hit “Fear the Walking Dead”. As of this time, we know that this show will air in 2017 during the summer season.

Fear the Walking Dead will be in the same universe as the original television show. The only difference is that the first season of this show takes place before the zombie outbreak and during it. This’ll allow for much more dramatic and intense scenes to come from AMC. Due to this show taking place directly in the beginning of the zombie outbreak, those viewing this show will see that the zombies look fresher and more human. This will change as the show continues to move forward with its inevitable future seasons.

It is also confirmed that some characters we’ve seen from the original series will make their way to “Fear the Walking Dead”. This shall allow for fans to see what certain characters we’re doing during the outbreak of the zombie infection.

AMC hasn’t revealed any release dates for this show. All that is known is that the show is currently shooting in Los Angeles as this is where the show takes place. We’ll inform you of any new information released about this show within the next twelve odd months before it is released onto our Televisions. It will surely be interesting to see how this zombie filled world came to be.

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