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Black Ops 3 Zombies to be Astonishing

Treyarch is often considered the best developer out of the three who develop Call of Duty video games. The reasoning for this is because they go beyond the norm of a COD game in order to appeal to a larger majority of gamers. This appealing factor would be the Treyarch zombie’s mode which has been in each of their games since World at War. Treyarch has revealed that this zombie’s mode will go far beyond anything they’ve ever attempted before.

Black Ops 3 Zombies

The new zombie mode will be on an open world scale, even though Black Ops 2 did the same thing with their zombie mode you can expect that this version will be far greater in size as well as details. This is thanks to the next generation consoles abilities in terms of how much it can process. The new zombie mode is said to be four to five times greater than the size of BO2’s open world map. There’ll also be a far greater amount of zombies on screen when players continue to advance through the levels. This’ll surely make for a more incredible experience for fans.

Treyarch also noted that each downloadable content package they release for BO3 won’t just be an add on to this open world, it’ll be a brand new open world available for play that’ll either be the same size or larger than the original map being showcased in Black Ops 3. This has caused for fans all around the globe to jump around in excitement, this’ll be the top selling call of duty game to be released in years.

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