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World War Z II Now Happening

World War Z II is now a movie that is going to happen says Paramount Studio’s. It was announced earlier on this month that Steven Knight, the screen writer of the first film is back writing the second. This second film is slated to be released for the summer of 2017 with Brad Pitt slated to return back to the franchise.

World War Z II

It’s somewhat surprising that a second installment is being developed in the World War Z universe. The reason for this is because the 2013 Original was a disaster in terms of filming, they had to reshoot twice due to the fact that earlier audiences didn’t enjoy the film. The third version of this film, the final product which was released to theatres earned a large amount of money which is what has led to the sequel. Apparently the second film will revolve around Brad Pitt’s characters going to more hostile zones in order to distribute the cure. Throughout the time period that we’ve last seen him the virus has spread far faster than anticipated and providing the cure will be the most difficult task of this life. If the sequel is anything like the original than an astonishing zombie action film awaits in the summer of 2017.

Unfortunately none of the other details regarding the film have yet to be revealed as of right now. Filming hasn’t even begun yet, the filming schedule is slated to begin in the next six months. Animators are currently working on zombie only scenes in order to have this film shipped out on its release date.

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