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New Zombie Comedy on Its Way! – 271

Whoever loved “Zombieland” or “Shaun of the Dead” have an astonishing sense of humor. Unfortunately zombie comedies have never become a genre that has spanned off dozens of films, instead it’s a niche film genre that has only spanned two different films. Luckily a third is on the way by the name of “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”. This new will bring back the much needed comedy that people have craved in the zombie genre for years.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

This film will be doing the same as Zombieland did, bring in actors and actresses who are known by a small audience by not by a mass audience. Patrick Schwarzenegger, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Tye Sheridan and many others will be appearing in this new film. This new film is taking on a more direct approach to what Jesse Eisenberg’s character did in Zombieland. They’ll be stating off a variety of rules to know and be aware of in a zombie apocalypse but in more of a comedic tone. This film currently has a Red Band trailer on YouTube.

The film’s synopsis states, “Three Scouts who are lifelong friends take it upon themselves to join forces with a badass cocktail waitress. They become one of the world’s unlikely team of heroes after their peaceful take gets taken over by a zombie invasion. This time it won’t just be a simple badge but a badge of a lifetime. This’ll put their scouting skills to the test.”

A lot of this film might sound familiar as the group of four being unlikely heroes is the same premise as Zombieland.

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