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The Walking Dead’s TV-Universe Grows

The Walking Dead now stands as televisions most profitable television series in existence. This isn’t surprising when you think of all the merchandise, books, new comics and more that have been created as a result of the first season of this show. Though the walking dead originates from comics, its true popularity began when it hit the silver screen.

walking dead

The sixth season in the regular “The Walking Dead” show has just begun, the third episode aired only a few days ago with raving reviews due to continuous increase in bloodshed and drama. The second entry in the walking dead TV-Universe “Fear the Walking Dead” just finished its second season a few weeks ago. It’s returning in 2016 and there’s talks of yet another show being created in this universe. This means that three television shows based around these walkers and the surviving humans around them will be relevant on TV.

This in return will mean that these various characters will meet with one another. There is even the potential of some characters switching groups, A.K.A moving over to another series in order to bring viewership up for the other shows. This could make for too much of a good thing or it could make for a new rise in the walking dead’s popularity.

Regardless whomever wants to watch these astonishing shows can do so by going over to or by watching them on Sunday nights on AMC. Both of these shows air throughout different times of the year but still provide the same exciting viewing experience.

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