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TWD Purposely Decays Zombies Each Season

There are millions of people who tune into The Walking Dead every Sunday, each year when a new season airs on AMC. Many watch for the characters personal stories, the fact that these children of the world but now survive and deal with whatever comes there way. Each season though has continued to decay the zombies, now on their sixth season it is apparent that these zombies’ clothes and facial features are near Skelton proportion.

walking dead

This show has been on the air since 2010, within the six season that the show has been on TV it’s only been about two years within this zombie apocalypse review. Executive producer of the show has stated this multiple times in DVD Extra’s & Interviews in order to give viewers of the show more insight onto the timeline.

That also means that it’s much harder to notice these zombies decaying, every two seasons a difference in the zombies decaying becomes evident. This sixth season of the show showcases something we’ve never before seen, these zombies are starting to look more like monsters, a creature never before seen on the planet. This has only added to the scare factor of The Walking Dead, providing more thrilling and intense moments for the viewers.

Anyone whom is watching the show now knows that if you return to the first season of the show, these zombies share much more resemblance to humans. Watching the new addition to this universe “Fear the Walking Dead” shows just how human these zombies once were before all this time passed on by.

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