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Evil Dead: The Musical Hits Toronto

Toronto, Ontario in Canada is getting its hands on one of the best and most unique musicals there is to see. Evil Dead: The Musical will be hitting Toronto Broadway in the upcoming weeks. The show is slated to be one of the best musicals that this town has seen in years.

For those who don’t know Evil Dead is a movie/comic book franchise based around zombies. Those characters in the show go extreme in terms of killing off the evil creatures around them. This themselves make them go evil as characters, providing great comedic relief throughout a genre that is designed to provide horror & scares. The Evil Dead Musical has been showcased in multiple cities throughout Northern America but this’ll be the first time it’s being done to this spectacle.

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The first few shows are already sold out and all indictors show that the ticket sales won’t slow down anytime soon. This is more than likely due to the fact that the audience wishes to see something unique and funny on the stage instead of played out & boring.

Luckily for everyone who wants to see this play, the tickets aren’t as expensive as normal Broadway performances on this stage. Instead their quite the opposite, each ticket ranges around $35 to $50. This is an affordable price for anyone whom wants to go to Broadway.

Unfortunately, as of right now there isn’t any word as to how the play actually is, it’s yet to have it opening day. Until then people will just have to expect for the best out of this show.

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