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Effective betting strategies for roulette

There are often mixed views and perceptions when it comes to the question, are there any effective betting strategies for roulette? Well according to some there is no such thing as strategy in roulette. Such persons say luck wins at the end of the day. Others though do agree there is some kind of winning strategy in roulette. To tell you the truth there are some effective strategies in roulette and in actual fact they are plenty. In order to clarify this we are going to refer to some known historic records of persons that used some kind of strategy and won big in roulette.

Brief history of Roulette

In the year 1873 there is a story of the famous Joseph Jaggers who managed to study the spin of a roulette wheel and managed to win a staggering $325.000 at the Monte Carlo casino. In 1891 Charles Wells devised a strategy that made him break the bank at Monte Carlo casino. Break the bank, in a sense that you win all the money that is in the table bank for that day. In 2004 a Londoner named Ashley Revel placed all his entire wealth valued at $135.300 on red and the outcome was number 7 red. He swooped a whopping $270.600. These are just some real life examples which can support the fact that strategy does exist in roulette. Now we are going to look at some of the strategies that really do work.

Effective strategy to consider

Roulette wheel
You can play using the six line strategy. This strategy is good for it increases your chances of winning the game with a probability of 15.79%. Although this strategy increases your winning chances it does not guarantee you a win. There are however some strategies that have higher probabilities of wining and are even better. These are choosing a series of numbers say from 1 – 12; 13 – 24 or 25 – 36 each of these number series will give you a winning probability of 31.58%. If you want to even increase your wining chances then you can bet on color or whether the number will be odd or even. Doing so will give you a winning probability of 47.37%. It is however worth noting that if you bet on a single number it pays more than when you bet on many numbers.

The kind of strategy you choose to adopt depends on what the player is really looking for. If you are looking to win big in a short period of time you may want to bet on single numbers. If however you are not worried about time you may take it slow and bet on number series it may payout low but in time you would have made lots of money. So why not go out there and play online roulette and see which strategy works for you. Remember it’s not all about luck but about knowing the structure of the game.

Overall, in order to adopt effective roulette strategies, you need to play the game more often. With online roulette, you can even try out your strategies making use of free play roulette. Play online roulette today and win lots of cash.

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