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Roulette Lingo

Just like any other game or sport roulette has its own kind of words which have certain meanings you could not necessarily encounter in a dictionary. It is therefore important that you get to know some of these terms if you are to become a professional roulette player. Surely if you do not know them how are you going to know how to place your bets, because playing haphazardly can prove costly. In this guide, I will outline some of the lingo used in online roulette and this will be of great help especially for the new players.

The lingo you need to know

– Straight up bet – this is the bet with the highest pays and has the lowest probability of an outcome for the player bets on a single number.

– Split bet – the player bets on two numbers

– Street bet – a player chooses to bet on 3 numbers

– 5 number bet – this kind of bed is popularly placed on the American wheel and involves placing your bet on the numbers 0; 00; 1; 2 & 3

– 6 line bet – the player bets on six numbers

– Outside bet – the player chooses to bet on odd or even numbers, red or black color and dozen/column payouts

– Inside bet – a bet that is placed on any of the numbers that are on the layout

– Corner bet – when a player bets on four numbers

– Column bet – this is when a player makes an outside bet on one of the longer lines on the layout.

– Call bets – these are bets on a group of numbers. There are five kinds of call bets; betting on 5 neighboring numbers, betting on 9 non neighbor numbers, betting on six numbers that are on the third section of the wheel, full orphans (8 chip bet) and orphans split (5 chip bet)

– European wheel – a roulette wheel with 37 pockets numbered 0 – 36

– American wheel – a roulette wheel with 38 pockets numbered 0 – 36 and an additional 00 pocket.

– Non value chip – a term given to a gaming chip, whose value can only be calculated according to the table minimum bet.

– Payout – the amount paid by the casino to the winner

– Dozen bet – an outside bet that include any one of the three dozen numbers found on the layout.

– Dolly – the score marker used by the croupier to show players the winning number

– En prison – when the result is zero the casino can allow those with even number bets to either lose half their bets or leave them imprisoned for the next spin.

– Ficheur – refers to the system of giving players different colored chips for identification

– Orphans – a bet placed on the numbers 6; 34 & 17 that are next to each other on the wheel but are far apart on the layout.

– Orphelins – a bet placed on a group of numbers next to each other on the wheel but far apart on the table layout

– Voisins du zero – a bet on numbers that are next to zero on the roulette wheel

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