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Welcome to Zombie Division

Welcome to Zombie Division. The idea of a Zombie Apocalypse has allowed for a new genre to be birthed. It has seen video games, movies, television series, comic books and novels to be created around the idea of zombies. The result has seen the birth of an and helped with the spurning of a generation of diehard fans of the genre. It is with this in mind that this site was created and put together, that love it felt by us and shared with you here. If you love Zombies, then this is the place for you!

What you will find is a ghoulish attitude with all zombie news we feature. All of the news regarding new movies, television shows, video games, comic books or novels designed around the idea of zombies will reported here. Each month we will provide you with news based around zombies, the apocalypse or any other horrific media events taking place on this type of genre. This can include zombie party events that occur on a regular basis such as zombie walks or any other that we feel is worthy of reporting.

Zombie Division is also dedicated to providing you with news information regarding “Zombie Runs” across Europe. Those zombie runs held on the continent allow for people to be chased and scared by those dressed as zombies can first be found here. The dates of each event, what’s needed to attend the event and how you can contact the event holders will be listed at Zombie Division.

Thank You for taking the time to stop by and visit. We hope that your time here has been enjoyable and that you found all the type of zombie information you were looking for. Be sure to bookmark the site and visit us often. You will continue to find monthly articles and over the coming months and years ahead this genre will only continue to grow and as it continues to expand you’ll be able to watch its story unfold right here, no mess, no fuss – well maybe a little mess!

See you soon!

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